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Enrique Landa 


Height:  5’9 


Hometown: Chicago, IL 


Sweet or Savory?: Savory - The Rigatoni, Taleggio Cream & Truffle Oil Pasta from Torchio Pasta Bar in downtown Chicago. 


Dream Gig: Be in the original cast of a new musical, not written for the Broadway stage, where I get the opportunity to sing out in a variety of styles. Bonus points if it intersects with my identities. 


Unique Skill: I am proficient in garment construction and alteration. I can make an article of clothing from a picture. 

Work samples below.

Enrique Landa: Bio
Enrique Landa: Videos
03 Enrique Landa
Maddie Morrison | Enrique Landa "Witch"
Enrique Landa "The Games I Play"
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