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Height: 5'7

Hometown: Mason, OH

Highlight Experience at Loyola: On my first day of classes freshman year, I couldn’t find one of the buildings. I was super frazzled and called my mom, though I eventually found the building after being 40 minutes late. I sat through the rest of the class unbelievably embarrassed just waiting to leave, but right before we got let out the girl sitting next to me complimented my jeans. We ended up walking across campus together and I called my mom back and the first thing I said was, “Mom, I just met my first college friend.”

Dream Gig: Lux Lisbon in The Virgin Suicides.

Unique Skill: I can ride a skateboard in a straight line without falling off, I know two card tricks (with proper time to refresh my memory), and I can tie a cherry stem with my mouth.





Work samples below.

Julie Carnevale: Bio
Julia Carnevale and Rose Ley Hayek: Dry Land
Julia Carnevale: The Flick
Julie Carnevale: Videos
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