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Height: 5'3

Hometown: Avon, IN

Highlight Experience at Loyola: Getting the opportunity to stage manage for the first time with Radium Girls and perform in one of my dream roles in Into the Woods. I am so grateful for all the people I met and the mentors that strengthened me as a well-rounded theatre artist during my time at Loyola.  

Dream Gig: Performing as a backup dancer/ singer for a touring company or play a witch in a Ryan Murphy series.

Unique Skill: I can sight read music well and I am a stage manager. 





Work samples below.

Olivia Ash: Bio
Olivia Ash: Videos
Olivia Ash: Women Laughing Alone Eating Salad
Olivia Ash & Sophia Duque: The Burn
Olivia Ash: Journey
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