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Makenna Van Raalte.jpg

Makenna Van Raalte

Height: 5'3

Hometown: Holland, MI

Cake, Cookie, or Pie: I will definitely never say no to a slice of homemade lemon cake.  

Dream Gig: Maybe it sounds cliche, but I would absolutely love to play Hamlet. He is such a fascinating, complex character with so much power and so many flaws, and I would jump at the opportunity to bring him to life.

Unique Skill: I am also a playwright, author, and aspiring director! I love to collaborate and create and develop new works alongside a group of artists in order to create a cohesive piece of art.



Work samples below.

Makenna Van Raalte: Bio
Makenna Van Raalte: Works
Annemarie Makenna Scene
Jennifer and Makenna Scene
Makenna Monologue
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